Three Kings!

Today, Year One have been learning all about embracing our differences. We discussed what makes us different, such as our hair colour, likes/dislikes, height, skin colour, and the places our families come from, and how we should celebrate this as it is what makes us unique. We discussed recent events Read more…

We are super stars!

Miss Noon chooses 2 children each week to take home a certificate for demonstrating green behaviour all week. However, she couldn’t decide on only two children this week, so she had to choose six instead! Here are our super stars showing off their well-earned certificates for excellent effort and behaviour:

Oaks Christmas Jumper Day + Crafts!

Today we all looked brilliant in our Christmas jumpers which we enjoyed wearing whilst eating our delicious Christmas dinner! We have also been super busy recently, making Christmas crafts and, of course, enjoying our Christmas movie night, where we enjoyed watching Arthur Christmas whilst drinking hot chocolate and eating popcorn. Read more…

Y1 Oaks – Leaf Man

Year 1 are learning all about the story ‘Leaf Man’ in English lessons. The children have enjoyed collecting leaves to create their own stick men pictures. We have spent some time describing our leaves using interesting adjectives – what colour they are, what they look like, how big/small they are, Read more…

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