Alien Spaceships

After receiving the letter from the aliens and finding out they had crashed their spaceship, we decided that we should make them a new spaceship to help them get back to their planet. First of all, we completed a design sheet where we listed what materials we were going to Read more…

Tens Frames

This week in our maths lessons we are carrying on learning about partitioning and tens and ones, but we are learning to use different ways to represent 2-digit numbers. Today we learnt how to use tens frames to do this.  

Aliens have landed!

Today we received a letter from two aliens called Zig and Zog telling us that their spaceship had crashed in our school grounds They wanted us to teach them about materials so they could decide which would be best to use to fix their spaceship. We decided to create a Read more…

Year 1 Assembly

We have been very busy over the last few weeks getting ready for our assembly and today our mummies, daddies, grandmas and grandads came to watch us. We did really well learning our lines and sang all of the songs beautifully. Well done Year 1!  

Oliver Twist

The Arty-Fact Theatre Company visited our school this morning and we were lucky enough to get to watch their production of Oliver Twist. Thank you for coming and sharing it with us – we all really enjoyed it!  

Immersive Room

We went for a learning walk in the Immersive Room where we had an experience lesson visiting the three different houses that the Three Little Pigs built. we used the noticing FANTASTIC to describe what the houses looked like.  


In our English lessons this week, we have been learning about instructions. We had to follow Mrs Murphy’s instructions to make chocolate crispy cakes and then we wrote our own instructions explaining what to do. We were then allowed to eat the chocolate crispy cakes because Mrs Murphy was so impressed Read more…

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