With this week being anti-bullying week, Year 1 Oaks spoke about how 1 kind word can make a huge impact on somebody’s day, we decided as a class that we would think of a word or small sentence each day that we could say to somebody to make them smile.

We had some lovely ideas and each day discussed that we could maybe say these words to somebody in the playground that we might not normally speak to.

Miss Horrocks saw lots of smiling faces and we all felt good when we had made somebody smile.

During the week, we also thought about how we can be kind to others, we took our anti-bullying pledge and acted out ways we can be kind to people – this included; giving a big smile, a hug, saying hi, telling our family we love them, helping people when they have fallen over and telling our friends why we like them. We also drew around our hand and thought of 5 people we could talk to if we needed help or someone to listen to us.

What lovely friends we are in Oaks!



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