The Benin Kingdom

In History, Year 5 are studying the Benin Kingdom. So far we have learnt about how the Benin Kingdom began, what life was like for the Edo people in the Benin Kingdom and how trade links established and what goods were traded. As part of these lessons we have sketched Read more…

The Queen’s Coronation

For the last 2 weeks, in History, we have been learning about Queen Elizabeth II and her coronation. We have been amazing at remembering facts and recalling them when quizzed by Miss Horrocks… you could even test us at home! Here are some questions we were asked: How old was Read more…

Christopher Columbus

In history, we have been leaving about Christopher Columbus.  We had to ‘explore’ the playground to find out facts about his life. We had to search for pictures of his ship to help answer questions.  We worked really well together to find all of the answers.

Viking Day

Maple have spent this half term learning about ‘Raiders and Traders’. They have thoroughly enjoyed our Viking Day today. We began by making some Viking oatcakes, which we enjoyed later on in the day while watching our Viking Tale show. We also made some Viking jewellery, writing our names using Read more…

Exploring old toys

This afternoon we have been playing with old fashioned toys as part of our ‘Memory Box’ topic. The children had time to try out each of the toys and figure out how they work. We then discussed how they’re different from our toys at home and which we enjoyed using.

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