Anglo Saxon Villages

Last week we researched Anglo Saxon villages in computing, as part of our Traiders and Raiders topic.  We used this information to make model villages, using craft materials and natural materials from our school grounds.  This helped our discussions about how the Anglo Saxon people lived.

Bolton Musuem visit

Year 5 had amazing time at Bolton Musuem learning all about the Ancient Egyptains. We became archeologist and explored a replica tomb of Pharaoh Thutmose III. We learnt lots of fantastic facts which we will use in our topic. Here are some pictures of our trip.

St Luke’s Time Capsule

With the new building coming along nicely, children have St Luke’s having been looking to the future to guess things will be like 100 years from now. Children from all across the school have come together to create a time capsule for children in the future to learn all about Read more…

History week

Year 5 have been look at the history of Rochdale and Heywood this week. We focuses on what Rochdale and Heywood used to be like in the 13th Century. Through our research we found out that Rochdale used to be a market town and Heywood used to be a wood Read more…

Viking artefacts

This morning, we had a special delivery which we think is cargo from a Viking longship. We explored the different artefacts and discussed and predicted their uses. The children enjoyed time travelling and trying on some Viking clothing.

Fossil Facts

As part of our research into Darwin and his Theory of Evolution, Year 6 investigated what fossils are, where they are found, how they are formed and what types of fossils there are. We created information booklets using our 4 sentence paragraph strategy: statement, question, exclamation and command. The children Read more…

I have a dream!

This week the children have combined together, their knowledge of Martin Luther King from our topic heroes and villains, our knowledge of the environment from ECO week, ideas discussed in PSHE on Stephen Lawrence day and our English skills, to write our own “I have a dream” poems. The children Read more…

The Great Fire of London

In our topic lessons we have been learning about the Great Fire of London. We learnt that the fire started in a bakery where bread was made so we followed instructions to make our own bread rolls. We then got to try the bread – it was very yummy!  

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