Exploring old toys

This afternoon we have been playing with old fashioned toys as part of our ‘Memory Box’ topic. The children had time to try out each of the toys and figure out how they work. We then discussed how they’re different from our toys at home and which we enjoyed using.

Greek Artefacts

We have spent our Topic lesson this afternoon exploring the Greek Artefacts topic box that we have rented from Touchstones Museum. We have had some brilliant discussions about what the artefacts were, what they were used for and what materials they were made from.  

Perseus and Medusa

This week we started off learning about Ancient Greek myths by watching a virtual performance by Hobgolbin Theatre. We really enjoyed watching the actors act out the story of Perseus and Medusa. Here are some pictures of the performance.

Recreating Stonehenge

In today’s History lesson we learnt about Stonehenge. We talked about the history of the monument and the names of the different parts of it.   We then tried to create the different parts using biscuits to represent the stones. We made the outer circle, the bluestones and the horseshoe. Read more…

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