The Queen’s Jubilee

This week we have celebrated the Queen’s jubilee in school. We started the week off by completing some crafts all to do with the jubilee. We got the chance to look at some old items which were 50, 60 and 70 year old items. We enjoyed looking and touching the Read more…

Jubilee celebration

This week we have had Stumberlina Vintage bring in some artefacts for the children to look at. The children have had so much fun looking at the different artefacts and trying on the clothes:

York Trip

Hawthorn have really enjoyed learning all about the Vikings this half term. We started off our new topic with a trip to York where we learnt all about life as a Viking.

Viking Longships

This week Year 4 Maple have continued our exploration of Vikings by learning about Viking longships. We spent the afternoon pretending to be Saxon spies searching the shore to find out more information about our enemies ships. The children worked in teams to create diagrams of the ships. We then Read more…

Rosa Parks Pop Art

As part of our Civil Rights topic, Year 6 looked at examples of artwork that promotes diversity and equality. After discussing different pieces, we decided to recreate Pop Art portraits of Rosa Parks. We used watercolours for the portrait and oil pastels to blend colours for a vibrant background.

Civil Rights Essay

During the Spring term, Year 6 have been studying the history of civil rights and civil rights movements in America, in particular from 1950 onwards.   We looked at famous events, rules, laws, attitudes and people. We learnt that America was very different during the 1950s, and that it took Read more…

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