Our Roman Experience

Year 4 had an exciting opportunity yesterday when a visitor came from Touchstones to inspire us with our learning this half term. We had the chance to learn about the Romans from an expert. The children asked lots of fantastic questions and were very knowledgeable by the end of the Read more…

The Romans

Today, year 4 had a very exciting lesson! A visitor from touchstones came to speak to us all about the Romans.  We looked at and discussed Roman artifacts, worked as group to try and build a straight road and learnt lots of interesting facts about the Romans.

A long time ago….

We have had lots of fun this afternoon looking at different artefacts from the past. First we had a guess what we thought each object was for. We had lots of great ideas, with the hot water bottle being a piggy bank, the carpet beater a cane and a flat Read more…

The River Roch

Year 4 Hawthorn have been investigating the River Roch. First we looked at maps of Rochdale and highlighted where the River Roch flows. Next we looked through some resources about the river. These included looking at Roman coins found in the river, a protected plant species that grows there and Read more…

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