Cave paintings

Year 3 have been recreating cave paintings this week. Using chalk and charcoal, children designed and created a cave painting that might have decorated the walls of a Stone Age persons home. Here are some pictures of our work.

Digging up the Stone age.

Year 3 have been archaeologists this afternoon, excavating Stone Age artifacts from sand. The children were tasked with finding and evaluation what the purpose and origin of the artifact was. The children did a fantastic job. Here are some pictures of our afternoon.

The Writing Revolution

In Year 6, we have been looking at The Writing Revolution strategies to help improve our writing.   We have looked at using 4-sentence paragraphs to help write short explanations, include a variety of sentences and interesting introductions for texts. We used them to write propaganda messages and also introduce Read more…

WW2 Propaganda

Year 6 have been looking at some of the messages sent during WW2, in particular propaganda messages from Axis and Allied leaders.   We looked at the messages behind each and decided if they were a truthful message and if they would mislead the public about the war. We used Read more…

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