Leavers’ Banner Service

Unfortunately, the Year 6 Banner service couldn’t be held at the cathedral this year, however resources were sent so we could hold our own service in school.   Rev. Kirsty led the service for us and the children shared songs and prayers they had written themselves.  

Penguin Planning!

We looked at how to effectively create non fiction shapes and map out an information text about the Penguins of Antarctica.   We we used images to summarise each paragraph and then used shapes to break each individual paragraph down into smaller chunks.   When we we come to write Read more…

Amazing Icebergs

Year 6 had the chance to investigate how icebergs are formed, where they are found and the impact they can have, such as in the story of the Titanic. We created our own icebergs and used ice cubes to represent smaller chunks of sea ice. We then looked at the Read more…

Random Act of Kindness

for our act of kindness, Year 6 started to lead into our new topic: Darwin’s Delights.   Much of Darwin’s research centred around bird, most famously the finches of the Gal├ípagos Islands. We created bird feeders from lard and seed mix and set them in cups around string.   the Read more…

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