Macro Photography

This week we have been inspired by Edward Weston (photographer), who lived from 1886 to 1958. He was a American Photographer who focused on details images of various items such as fruits, vegetables and landscapes. We looked at a variety of his images using adjectives to describe them, then we Read more…


This week when we arrived at school we had a letter at the front office. When we opened the letter it was from The Evil Pea. The Evil Pea had captured all the fruit and vegetables in our classroom and taped them to the floor. It was our job to Read more…


Our new topic in Art is Photography. today the children looked at various examples of work from other artists: ‘Peter Kennard’ and Jerry Uelsmann’. The children eventually created a photo montage using secondary source photographs. They did a brilliant job and their personalities really shone through their work. 

The Gruffalo’s child

This week we have been reading the story ‘The Gruffalo’s child’, we identified the characters in the story and we worked together to Fred talk the sounds. During choosing time we have been able to create our own footprints using paint and played with our very own Gruffalo crumble. We Read more…

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