Art Week- Raewyn Harris

This week we have been looking at the artist ‘ Raewyn Harris.’ Raewyn is famous for creating Koru art. The Koru is a spiral shaped plant. To people of New Zealand, the Koru represents the unfolding of new life or renewal. First we looked at and discussed Raewyn’s art work. Read more…

The Romans

Today, year 4 had a very exciting lesson! A visitor from touchstones came to speak to us all about the Romans.  We looked at and discussed Roman artifacts, worked as group to try and build a straight road and learnt lots of interesting facts about the Romans.

Hour of Code

This week is hour of code. We have been playing a Mind craft coding game. We looked at a PPT at the start of the lesson that the School’s digital leaders had created. This told us all about coding. We talked about algorithms and debugging. We had lots of fun! Read more…

The Water Cycle

Today we have been learning all about the Water Cycle. We went outside and worked with our talk partners to draw labeled diagrams of the Water Cycle. We were able to talk about evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection!  

Mountains of the World

Today we looked at different Mountains around the world. We talked about which continent you would find them in, the mountain group or range they were part of, the country you would find them in and a fun fact. Did you know that every year, around 1000 people try to Read more…

Marvellous Mountains!

Year 4 Hawthorn have shown some fantastic team work during out D&T lessons. They worked in groups to create their mountain structures. Some of their ideas didn’t go to plan, but they didn’t give up and used some brilliant problem solving. How amazing do our finished mountains look!  

What are Mountains?

Hawthorn enjoyed a lesson of discovering on Friday afternoon. We went outside for our Geography lesson. We worked with a partner to read the information on mountains which helped us to answer lots of questions.  

A trip to see the River Roch

Year 4 had a fantastic time this afternoon as we went down to the River Roch in Queen’s Park. The children spotted meanders and signs of erosion, transportation and deposition. They were amazing at explaining what each meant. They noticed signs of pollution and discussed why this was bad for Read more…

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