Laptops 💻

We have been very busy creating a superhero picture on the laptops. Everyone could choose whether they wanted to make a logo or a superhero. We were very lucky because the digital leaders came into class to help us use the laptops and create our pictures. Thank you!


This week we have been designing our own superheroes. We have carefully thought about our super powers, adjectives describing our superheroes and what our costume would look like. We have then been very busy designing and making our own capes and masks. Today we have been able to wear them Read more…

Secret Reader

Thank you to Erin’s mum for being our secret reader this morning! We loved having you in class and bringing in your special story. Thank you! If you would like to be our secret reader after half term please speak to your teacher. Thank you!  

Dinosaur school 🦕

In Reception this afternoon bluebells had two special visitors, Dina and Wally from dinosaur school. Wally brought us some super hero pictures and wanted to know how we could be a super kind friend. We came up with ideas together and told Wally how to be a good friend. We Read more…

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