Hour of Coding

Children in Willows had lots of fun practising our coding skills! We had to direct the bee to the flowers using left, right, forward and backwards. We also learnt how to print our pictures!

Birch’s hour of code

This week St Luke’s is taking part in ‘Hour of code’. Year 3 began their lesson by looking at some of the vocabulary involved in coding such as output and algorithms, which they had to match the correct definitions. They then moved on to using coding to make various sea Read more…

Coding hour

Year 3 have been working their coding this week. They have been using their problem solving skills to help complete coding challeneges. here are some pictures of our lesson

Hour of Code

This week is hour of code. We have been playing a Mind craft coding game. We looked at a PPT at the start of the lesson that the School’s digital leaders had created. This told us all about coding. We talked about algorithms and debugging. We had lots of fun! Read more…

Hour of Code

Next week is hour of code week however as we are so busy performing out nativity next week, Elm carried out the activity this week! We played the Grinch themed coding game. First, we learned about what an algorithm is and how they are used. Then, we had to use Read more…

Hour of code

Next week is hour of code week, however we are extremely busy next week with our nativities so we have completed it this week. As part of hour of code we looked at what algorithms are and when these are used. Next we played on ‘The grinch at Christmas.’  We Read more…

Hour of Code

This week it’s ‘Hour of Code’ week and Maple have been putting their coding skills into practice. We began by watching a video about coding – some children were surprised to learn that it isn’t just computers that have coded programmes but items such as washing machines, microwaves and cars Read more…

Antarctic Art

As part of creating an information booklet on food chains and webs of the Arctic regions, Year 6 looked at how artists use accurate guidelines and proportions when sketching.   They looked at how to use simple shapes to help guide them to sketching an accurate outline, as well as Read more…

Coding in Year 5

This afternoon, Year 5 worked hard to complete a coding challenge. We discussed what an algorithm is and created our own on 2code. We used our coding skills to design a under the sea scene and create moving parts.

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