Laptops 💻

We have been very busy creating a superhero picture on the laptops. Everyone could choose whether they wanted to make a logo or a superhero. We were very lucky because the digital leaders came into class to help us use the laptops and create our pictures. Thank you!

Online Safety- Tek

This week is online safety week. Year 3 Birch recognised this by reading “Tek The Modern Cave Boy” This book is designed to look like an iPad and teaches the children how and why spending too much time on technology computer games, can effect your wellbeing and relationships with family Read more…

Online safety week

Year 3 have been looking at ways to stay safe online. We read the book Tek about a boy who spends too much time online and we discussed the dangers of over using the Internet. We then put our online safety skills to the test and safety searched some words Read more…


Year 5 are becoming confident game-creators in our computing lessons and are really enjoying designing and creating their own Egyptian themed games. We have reviewed games other children have made and used these evaluations to help with our own designs. Today we began creating our own by adding scenery and Read more…

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