Game Creators

In computing this half-term, Year 5 have been creating their own games. They have analysed  other games, designed settings and themes, designed characters, changed animations and sounds that their character makes, written instructions and evaluated their peers’ games to help future designs. We are really impressed with their completed games! Read more…

Year 3 Birch – Computing

Today in Computing we have learnt about online safety and what we should and should not share with people through email. We discussed why sharing our personal details with people we don’t know could be dangerous and why we shouldn’t share them with our friends either.         Read more…

Year 3 Birch – Computing

Today during computing, we discussed the positives and negatives of different ways to send messages (for example: emails, texting, orally). We played Chinese Whispers to demonstrate how it can be difficult to relay a message orally if it goes through lots of people!

Safer Internet Day

Yesterday was Safer internet day, within our online lesson we talked about the dangers of the internet and looked at different scenarios deciding on whether we would check the information we see or trust it. Erica created a brilliant poster, which included some really important rules for us to follow Read more…

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