Gardening Club

What a lovely afternoon for planting! We really enjoyed putting these wonderful plants in the front planter in front of school. Mr Singleton and Mr Andrew helped us with this. we can’t wait to do more next week! If you’re passing, please take a look at them!

Gardening Club

We loved running round the garden, looking for colourful, vibrant plants. We have lots of amazing plants still, even in Autumn. We enjoyed clearing away some of the leaves 🍂 and putting them on the compost heap.

Britain in Bloom

Today St Luke’s CE Primary received the Britain in Bloom North West award for the “School Category” and “Involving Children and Young People” category. We are so amazed and extremely thankful for all the children’s hard work! The Eco Warriors, along with children who showed the judges around in Summer Read more…

Recycling week

  This week was Recycling week, in Maple we discussed what recycling, reusing and reducing meant. We sorted images under the three categories and discussed how we could all be more environmentally friendly. We then designed our own recycling symbol, we came up with lots of brilliant designs!

Environment and Recycling

This afternoon, Year 5 participated in a lesson – ‘The environment and Recycling’ – which was delivered by Nigel Goulding from Rochdale Borough Council. Children were able to learn and understand all about the damage humans cause to the environment. Nigel also explained how we can help by introducing the Read more…