French body parts

Over the last couple of weeks Year 3 have been learning parts of the body in French. To help us with his we have been singing and dancing along to the French head, shoulders knees and toes and to Jean petit qui danse.

European day of languages

Tomorrow is European day of languages. We found out some interesting facts about languages. We thought it was very interesting that in London around 300 languages are spoken every day and that by the age of 21 you will have spoken about 50 million words! We thought about reasons why Read more…

Ma Famille

Year 6 are looking at learning the vocabulary needed to write or have a conversation in French discussing who they are, their interests and their family.   We looked at the French translations for family members and played a range of games to learn the vocabulary. We know the French Read more…

French week

This week we have revised everything we have learnt in French over the year. We then used these skills to have full conversations in French with a partner. We also played a French board  game and listened to French songs.

French Week

During French week we have all had lots of fun and enjoyed learning about France. We have been busy saying the register in French, learning our numbers in French and simple French greetings. We have been busy making French flags… We have also learnt about famous landmarks in France and Read more…

French and Art Week

This week we are focusing on the French artist Monet. We experimented with colours (and learnt the French names for these), changing them to create lighter and darker colours in green and blue.   As Monet used a lot of greens and blues in his pictures, we decided to use Read more…

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