Fun with time

We have been practising time today outside in the lovely weather. We have been looking at 5 minute intervals and have been playing lots of games to help us. Throughout the day Mrs Graham has been asking us what the time is.  We are becoming very confident now.

The Gingerbread Man

This week we have been learning about, ‘The Gingerbread Man’. At the beginning of the week, we listened to the story and practised retelling it in our own way. We then went outside and created our own gingerbread person. We asked a friend to draw around our bodies and then Read more…

Maths challenge

This afternoon, we decided to get out of the classroom and into the fresh air to do some problem solving revision on what we have learnt so far in year 5. We worked in pairs to solve a number of multi-step addition, subtraction, number and place value problems. Each answer Read more…

Magic Maths ⚖

Oaks have been super busy in maths this week! First, we learnt about weight – using balance scales to compare different classroom objects to see which was heavier and which was lighter. Next, we learnt about capacity. We used different types of containers and used water to show full, half full, Read more…

Y1 Oaks – Long or Short?

Today we began to learn about measure in our maths lesson. We used multilink cubes and had a competition to see who could make the longest caterpillar. One of our caterpillars was more than 30 cubes long! Then, we lined all of our caterpillars up in order from shortest to longest and compared them Read more…

Marvellous Maths

Maple have been learning about different types of lines in Maths today. We have been using strips of paper to make parallel lines, horizontal, vertical and perpendicular lines. We are now going to use our learning to describe properties of shape.  

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