British Science Week

As part of British Science Week and our new topic ‘Playlist’, the children have been investigating pitch. The children carried out an experiment to find out if different amounts of water in glasses made different sounds. Some made high pitched sounds and some made lower pitched sounds…but how did the Read more…

World Book Day

What a fantastic World Book Day! There were some amazing costumes – well done Maple! The children have written some excellent character descriptions based on ‘The Big Friendly Giant’ and we had a wonderful time during assembly looking at all the other classes costumes.  

Dippy the Dinosaur

Maple have had a fantastic time this morning visiting Dippy the Dinosaur! We travelled on the bus to Rochdale Bus Station and then made the short walk to the council offices, where Dippy was to be found! Have a look at our photos to see what exciting things we got Read more…

Roman Mosaics

Maple have learnt that mosaics are the art of decorating a surface with pictures and patterns made of little pieces of stone, glass or tiles of different colours. We have researched some famous roman mosaics, in particular ones of roman gladiators. We were amazed by how they were made and Read more…

Tenths and hundredths

Maple have enjoyed learning about tenths and hundredths this morning. They’ve learnt some new vocabulary: equivalent, numerator and denominator! They used their hundred square to represent different hundredths fractions and convert them into tenths.

Investigating area

In Maths today, we’ve begun our new topic – area. The children have learnt that area means the amount of space that something covers. We investigated the area of different shapes using counters and explained why it is important to use the same size counter when measuring the area.

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