Safer Internet Day

Yesterday was Safer internet day, within our online lesson we talked about the dangers of the internet and looked at different scenarios deciding on whether we would check the information we see or trust it. Erica created a brilliant poster, which included some really important rules for us to follow Read more…

Changing Landscapes

Do you know where a river starts and finishes? Maple have been learning about the ‘source’ and ‘mouth’ of a river. We know that a river begins high up in the mountains and ends when it flows into the sea. Maple have also been investigating how a river can change Read more…

Winding Rivers

Maple have been to visit the River Roch in Queens Park today. The children carried out an investigation to see how fast the river was flowing. We then spotted signs of pollution in the river and some local wildlife. The children found examples of erosion and deposition along the river Read more…

Bonfire night

Please talk to your child/children about staying safe now it is darker earlier and about keeping safe during bonfire night. Click the links below for more information. / Safety First – Cycling at Night

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