Vertebrates and Invertebrates

Maple have been comparing human anatomy to other animals this afternoon. We worked in pairs to try and identify which animals have backbones and which don’t. We discussed which of these animals had exoskeletons and which had endoskeletons. We classified the animals into vertebrates and invertebrates.

Viking Day

Maple have spent this half term learning about ‘Raiders and Traders’. They have thoroughly enjoyed our Viking Day today. We began by making some Viking oatcakes, which we enjoyed later on in the day while watching our Viking Tale show. We also made some Viking jewellery, writing our names using Read more…

Music Maestros!

During the Summer term, Maple have been learning how to play the violin with Rochdale Music Service. Have a look of the video of them in action!


Maple have been busy making potions this afternoon. We’ve been making scientific observations and asking questions about what we’ve seen. We all got a shock when we mixed vinegar with bicarbonate of soda, looked puzzled when we stirred water and oil together and were amazed when we looked at how Read more…

Measuring sound

This afternoon Maple have been learning how to measure sound in decibels. We measured the sound levels made by a variety of musical instruments using a sound meter and recorded them in a table. We then used the results to draw a graph. Did you know the loudest burp ever Read more…

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