Easter Challenges 🐣

This week in Reception, we have been receiving challenges from the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny has left challenges in the outdoor area for us each day and we have been able to complete them. Challenge 1- We had to find the Easter Bunny’s hiding place. All of our clues Read more…

Pancake Day

We have been learning about ‘Pancake Day’ today. To celebrate pancake day we have taste tested different pancake toppings. Firstly we tried a savoury pancake, which was cheese. We rolled it up and tasted it. 19 children thought it was yummy but 10 children didn’t like the cheese topping. We then Read more…


This half-term in R.E, we have been looking at the topic of Harvest. We learnt all about how and why Christians celebrate Harvest and then looked how it is celebrated in other faiths. We looked in paticular at the Jewish festival of Sukkot and built our own Sukkahs.

Bible Stories

In our R.E. lessons this half term we have been reading lots of different bible stories. Noah’s Ark and Joseph’s Coat were our favourites. We made a promise rainbow from Noah’s Ark and we recreated Joseph’s coat of many colours – have a look at our brilliant work.

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