The Ring of Fire 🌋

This week Year 3 have been learning about the ring of fire. In groups of four, we each had a different area/ section of a map, on which we used co-ordinates to plot volcanoes that have erupted in the last few hundred years. Once each member had completed their individual Read more…

Ring of fire

Today, year 3 located and plotted the different volcanos that form the ring of fire. They used maps and coordinates to help them. They learnt that 75% of the world’s active volcanos are located here.

Street detectives

To end our topic we have been discussing what different things we would like in Heywood and how we could make these places look really fun and brighten up Heywood. We had lots of fantastic ideas from toy shop to museums. The children then worked really hard creating a design Read more…

The Water Cycle

Maple have been learning all about the water cycle. We have learnt new words such as evaporation, condensation and precipitation. The children have been busy setting up an experiment to see the water cycle in action. Look at our photos to see how we did it. We have made predictions Read more…

The Water Cycle

Today we have been learning all about the Water Cycle. We went outside and worked with our talk partners to draw labeled diagrams of the Water Cycle. We were able to talk about evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection!  

Mountains of the World

Today we looked at different Mountains around the world. We talked about which continent you would find them in, the mountain group or range they were part of, the country you would find them in and a fun fact. Did you know that every year, around 1000 people try to Read more…

Mountain Making

Maple have been busy designing and making their own mountain ranges. Excellent teamwork and a super effort to produce some amazing work. Ask the children at home if they know some of the mountain ranges of the world and which continents they are in!  

Marvellous Mountains!

Year 4 Hawthorn have shown some fantastic team work during out D&T lessons. They worked in groups to create their mountain structures. Some of their ideas didn’t go to plan, but they didn’t give up and used some brilliant problem solving. How amazing do our finished mountains look!  

What are Mountains?

Hawthorn enjoyed a lesson of discovering on Friday afternoon. We went outside for our Geography lesson. We worked with a partner to read the information on mountains which helped us to answer lots of questions.  

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