Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere!

We went out onto the playground to see how windy it was for Geography. We found that the bubbles blew in all different directions and sometimes, the wind looked like it had stopped completely… with the bubbles floating up! We had so much fun 🙂

The River Roch

During Geography lessons, Year 4 are learning about Rivers so we took a trip to see the River Roch. Whilst were we there, we conducted an investigation to look at the speed of the River. We were very excited that we were able to have our break time on Queen’s Read more…

National Fieldwork Week

Year 3 have been improving our geography skills by branching out into field work. We used mapped out and mapped a route around key areas of school and used a trundle wheel to create an arcurate map of our school.  Here are some pictures of our learning


This half term Maple have been learning all about Migration in Geography. We’ve learnt about why people migrate and how this affects people and places. We’ve investigated some of the push and pull factors that cause people to leave particular countries and the reasons for why they might stay in Read more…

Holi Festival

This week in Literacy we have been learning all about India and have focused on the story ‘Festival Of Colours’. The children use the flowers they have to create powder colours and use it to throw during the Holi Festival. In writing we have been able to write down the colours Read more…

South Africa

This week we have been learning about South Africa, our focus has been the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’. In literacy we started by retelling the story using our own character masks. Handa put seven delicious fruit in a basket for her friend , Akeyo. However those cheeky animals took a different Read more…

RNLI – Water safety

As part of our Geography topic ‘Coastlines’ we have been learning how to keep safe near water. We have been learning about the RNLI, we went outside to find facts about the RNLI and answered questions about safety at sea.  


In Geography, we have been looking at erosion. We looked at how erosion can cause the coastline to change over time.  We then did an experiment by creating a cliff using sand and water. We made a wave and could see the effect it had on the sand.

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