Osebo’s drum

During English lessons we have been looking at the story ‘ Osebo’s drum’. We have been acting out the story writing our own versions and we have even been to visit Osebo’s home!

Nursery Rhyme Rap

First we learnt the meanings of beat, tempo , rhythm and rhyme. We then worked in groups and turned nursery rhymes into a raps thinking about the beat and using different tempos.

Spreading the word…

Year 4 shared what we have learnt about brushing our teeth with Year 1 and 2 today.  The class sang a song about brushing our teeth and how this should be done twice a day.   Each child received a new toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste as part of Read more…

Old Toys

  We played with old toys last week and we absolutely loved it… especially the adults. The old toys are part of a history topic, where we look at the past and present.  

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