Imagine that!

Year 2 had a fantastic time on their School trip. We made slime, bath bombs and fridge magnets. We also watched a science show where they made a Volcano and a rocket.

Monochrome art

Elm class have been looking at creating different shades of blue today using only blue, white and black. We then explored how we could use paint in different ways to try and create the sea ready for our beach painting at the end of the week.

The Lighthouse Keeper

We watched a short clip about a Lighthouse keeper. We then created the front covers to our books and wrote our own ‘Lighthouse keeper’ stories. They are amazing! Miss Gomm was very impressed with our writing.

Shell for sale

Today we created shells for Hermit crabs. We listened to a story about a Hermit crab and created a success criteria thinking about what would make a successful home. We said that our shells would need to be beautiful,crusty, strong, sturdy, spikey and smooth. Once we had created our shells Read more…

One little word

Today we watched a fantastic performance of ‘One little word’. The performance had no speaking parts at all apart from one little word -sorry!  It was a very powerful production and all the children were engaged throughout. Thank you M6 for such a thoughtful story #onelittleword

Sir Undercracker

On Friday afternoon, Anna Lucas came in to our school to read us her new book: “Sir Undercracker”. We all really enjoyed her reading us her story and we found it very funny! She taught us lots of new words and we were all able to act them out. Thank Read more…

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