World book day!

Year 3 Cedar would like to thank all the parents for all the wonderful costumes that we had in our class. We really had fun learning more about our class book Peter Pan while in fancy dress. Here are some pictures of our day. The children are coming home tonight Read more…

Online safety week

Year 3 have been looking at ways to stay safe online. We read the book Tek about a boy who spends too much time online and we discussed the dangers of over using the Internet. We then put our online safety skills to the test and safety searched some words Read more…

Volcano soundscape

Year 3 have composed a piece of music to show the different stages of a volcanic eruption. We researched epic music and thought about what dynamics and beat we should use for the different stages. We decided when we should crescendo our music for the most effect. Here are some Read more…

Ring of fire

Today, year 3 located and plotted the different volcanos that form the ring of fire. They used maps and coordinates to help them. They learnt that 75% of the world’s active volcanos are located here.

Coding hour

Year 3 have been working their coding this week. They have been using their problem solving skills to help complete coding challeneges. here are some pictures of our lesson

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