Stonehenge art

This week we have started on our new topic about the Stone Age. We have started reading the Stone Age boy and have started writing our own Stone Age adventure story. In the afternoons, we have been creating art work for the front of our Topic books. Here are some Read more…

Bonfire night

Please talk to your child/children about staying safe now it is darker earlier and about keeping safe during bonfire night. Click the links below for more information. / Safety First – Cycling at Night


This week we have been making and erupting volcanoes. We created a volcano using paper mache, painted them and investigated which mixture would create the best eruption. Here are some pictures of our week.

Mental health Day

Today children and teachers dressed in yellow to support and learn all about mental health awareness. Year 3 have studied the mind today and have been looking at ways to keep your mind happy. Here are some pictures from today.

The layers of the earth

Year 3 have been learning about how our earth was formed. We learnt about the 4 different layers of the earth and about what they were made of. To help with our learning, we created clay models to show the different layers. Here are some pictures.

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