Birch’s hour of code

This week St Luke’s is taking part in ‘Hour of code’. Year 3 began their lesson by looking at some of the vocabulary involved in coding such as output and algorithms, which they had to match the correct definitions. They then moved on to using coding to make various sea Read more…

Shahada plates

Year 3 have been learning about how different faiths view and celebrate their God. As part of this, we have been looking at the Muslim faith. Today we discussed Shahada and looked at how it is displayed on things such as wall hangings, plates and pendants in Arabic calligraphy. We Read more…

Music assembly

Wow Rochdale music services what an amazing assembly, thank you so much! The children thoroughly enjoyed you coming in and were really keen to answer questions about the instruments you were playing and talk about them. You have inspired a lot of children to continue to play their instruments or Read more…

French body parts

Over the last couple of weeks Year 3 have been learning parts of the body in French. To help us with his we have been singing and dancing along to the French head, shoulders knees and toes and to Jean petit qui danse.

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