Fossil Facts

As part of our research into Darwin and his Theory of Evolution, Year 6 investigated what fossils are, where they are found, how they are formed and what types of fossils there are. We created information booklets using our 4 sentence paragraph strategy: statement, question, exclamation and command. The children Read more…

Chocolate creations!

As part of our topic we have been learning about changing state. This week we have used our design and technology skills to design and create chocolate creations. We had lots of fun adding exciting ingredients. We then created advertisements.

Alien Spaceships

After receiving the letter from the aliens and finding out they had crashed their spaceship, we decided that we should make them a new spaceship to help them get back to their planet. First of all, we completed a design sheet where we listed what materials we were going to Read more…

Alien spaceships

Aliens have landed at St Luke’s! Aliens have landed at our school and have been curious about the different types of materials there are on earth. We decided to make a spaceship using materials available to us to help them get home.

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