French Week

During French week we have all had lots of fun and enjoyed learning about France. We have been busy saying the register in French, learning our numbers in French and simple French greetings. We have been busy making French flags… We have also learnt about famous landmarks in France and Read more…

French Fridays

We have started to do French Fridays on each Friday afternoon to start to learn about France and pick up some French language. We answer the register in French by saying ‘Bonjour’ to our teacher and have been learning some French number songs. We like the song head, shoulders , Read more…

Bees 🐝

This afternoon, Reception have been learning about bees. They have been learning about the life cycle of bees and finding out some interesting facts! We have then made eco friendly bees out of recycled materials.

Reception’s Assembly

We performed our assembly today in front of our parents, KS1 and KS2 and retold the story of the Hungry Caterpillar. We all had a special role in our performance which included dancing, singing and narrating. We have worked hard to learn all our songs and learn our lines, some Read more…

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