Reception’s Assembly

We performed our assembly today in front of our parents, KS1 and KS2 and retold the story of the Hungry Caterpillar. We all had a special role in our performance which included dancing, singing and narrating. We have worked hard to learn all our songs and learn our lines, some Read more…

Finding the pulse

We enjoyed our music lesson this afternoon and listened to the song ‘Ganesh Is Fresh by MC Yogi’. We found the pulse in different ways such as clapping, stamping our feet and using cool dance moves. We identified different voices and instruments used in the song and gave impressions of Read more…

More fun with sound: We completed a science experiment to see how the amount of water in a glass container effects the sound. We also went out in the lovely sunshine to experiment using a string telephone.

Wardle Brass band

We had a fantastic morning when Wardle brass band came in to perform for us. Ms Smith got us all really involved and talked about the different instruments that the children played. Our children really loved every minute and they have been inspired to learn to play a musical instrument Read more…

Nursery Rhyme Rap

First we learnt the meanings of beat, tempo , rhythm and rhyme. We then worked in groups and turned nursery rhymes into a raps thinking about the beat and using different tempos.

Fun with nursery rhymes

We worked together to practise and perform different nursery rhymes in fun ways. We performed them using different styles: lullaby, rap or rock. We had lots of fun watching different video examples then deciding how we wanted to perform our rhymes.

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