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Taste Test;!

Today we started our new Design Technology topic- adapting recipe. our focus is biscuits- the best topic! During todays lesson we tried and tested some existing biscuits. e We focused on brand, type, taste, appearance, Read more…

Finding the perimeter

This week during our maths lessons we have been finding the perimeter of squares, rectangles and rectilinear shapes. We have been practicing using a ruler to measure the length and weight. The children have worked Read more…

Soap Sculptures

In our art lessons we have been learning about sculpture being a form of art. One of the artists we have looked at is Barbara Hepworth and the sculptures that she has created. We were Read more…

Geography – Population

In Geography this half term, year 6 are focusing on Population. Today we started our new topic and explored the population all over the world. Well done Year 6.