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Digestive system

We placed the biscuits and banana inside the ziplock bag, this represented eating. Added tablespoon of water-the saliva. We then crunched the food up inside the bag-chewing. Then mimicked the action of the stomach by Read more…


This week we have been making and erupting volcanoes. We created a volcano using paper mache, painted them and investigated which mixture would create the best eruption. Here are some pictures of our week.

Pollination in Year 5

This afternoon, Year 5 enjoyed learning about pollination. We carried out a practical activity demonstrating how insects, such as bees, pollinate flowers using cheese puffs! After this, we created some fabulous work showing how pollination Read more…

Finding treasure

We worked hard to follow the directions on the treasure map. We had to follow directional language like forwards, backwards, left and right.

African Art

Year 1 have been learning all about African art this week – as lots of the animals we have been learning about come from African! We looked at the colours and patterns that the Ndebele Read more…

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