Sir Undercracker

On Friday afternoon, Anna Lucas came in to our school to read us her new book: “Sir Undercracker”. We all really enjoyed her reading us her story and we found it very funny! She taught us lots of new words and we were all able to act them out. Thank Read more…

Rocket fuel experiment

This afternoon we made explosive rocket fuel for our experiement. We wanted to see how high rocket fuel could shoot so we mixed different amounts of coke and mentos and watched what happened. We recorded our results in a table. The children were very excited!

Alien spaceships

Aliens have landed at St Luke’s! Aliens have landed at our school and have been curious about the different types of materials there are on earth. We decided to make a spaceship using materials available to us to help them get home.

Tens and Ones

This week the children have been using the base 10 equipment to work out how many tens and ones are in different numbers. They have worked really hard and thought about how to represent numbers in different ways.

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