Jubilee celebration

This week we have had Stumberlina Vintage bring in some artefacts for the children to look at. The children have had so much fun looking at the different artefacts and trying on the clothes:

Waterproof or absorbent

In science, we have been learning about waterproof and absorbent materials. We completed an experiment to see if different objects were absorbent or waterproof. We poured water on different objects and if the object soaked up (absorbed) the water we knew it was absorbent and if it didn’t absorb the Read more…

Creating pictures

For computing we have been using 2paint a picture to create different pictures using different styles.  We have been looking at impressionism and pointillist styles then creating our own pictures.  We linked it to our Art topic on Superheroes.  We created pictures of superheroes using the pointillist template:

Little Red Riding Hood

For our new text for English, we have been looking at Little Red Riding hood. This week we have been retelling the story in our own words. We did a fantastic job using openers, conjunctions, adjectives and adverbs. We have now planned our own version of this story and we Read more…


We have started our new science topic ‘Changing materials’. We have been looking at the different properties of materials. We used objects in our classroom to describe different properties of fabric, glass, wood, paper and metal.  


We’ve had a busy few weeks leading up to Easter.  In RE we have been learning about Lent, Palm Sunday, and the Easter story.  The last week we retold the Easter story in our own words. Unfortunately, due to the weather, we couldn’t go outside to create the original Easter Read more…

British Science week

This week we have had lots of fun for British Science week. We have worked together to make a wormery, we discussed a worms habitat and then went into Kayden’s garden to search for worms.  We were looking for three different types of worms – Earthworms (endogeic worms),  Deep borrowers Read more…


We have been learning a lot about our new science topic ‘Habitats’. Our science expert Brody is always sharing lots of interesting facts about animals so he was the first to wear our class lab coat.  Each week the child that impressed in science will get the chance to wear Read more…

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