Je mets me robe

In French today we been recapping on our French vocabulary of different clothes. The children have been building on their children prior knowledge to start to use phrases about clothes. Here are some pictures of our lesson.


This half term we have been reading the book friend or foe. The story is about two boys, who are evacuated from London in world war 2. To help improve our writing, children experienced what it would be like to be a child during world war 2. Children had to Read more…

Challenge 2

For challenge 2 we created two different videos.  For the first video we created step by step instructions on how to log onto a computer.  This is then going to be used to help reception and Year 1 children: Click the link below For the second video we have Read more…

Mars insight landing

A reminder for Year 5 students. The Mars insight landing takes place at 7.12pm. Come and join the rest of the world watching the insight landing on mars. Watch live at –      

Solar sizes

In science, we have been learning about the colassal sizes of the solar system. We scaled down the solar system sizes to recreate the solar system. Dividing by 1,000,000,000 is trickier than it looks.

Interview a teacher

As part of our English work, we are working on creating a balanced argument. To get different people’s view points, we created an interview to interview a different members of staff. Mrs Shepherd came and gave us an interesting view point.

XXth Legion

Year 4 had a fantastic time today on their school trip. They went to Deva Musuem to learn how to become a Roman legionarie and then travelled back in time to live the life of a Roman in the barracks. Here are some clips of our amazing adventure.    

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