Travelling Science Show

Today Year 3 had Adrian Bowden visit school with his travelling science show. We spent the morning watching the ‘Light and Sound’ show and this afternoon we watched ‘Marvellous Materials’. It was really fun and we got to take part and help him with the different investigations.  

Greek Artefacts

We have spent our Topic lesson this afternoon exploring the Greek Artefacts topic box that we have rented from Touchstones Museum. We have had some brilliant discussions about what the artefacts were, what they were used for and what materials they were made from.  

Forest School

As part of outdoor classroom day and mental health awareness week we took part in a forest school taster session with Miss Steele and Mr Tompkins. We took part in lots of different activities: we went on the hunt for ‘something special’ we were shown how to make a campfire Read more…

It’s Panto Time!

This year we weren’t able to go to a Pantomime, so the pantomime came to us! We have had a really fun afternoon watching the lockdown Panto, joining in with the songs, booing the baddies and shouting “it’s behind you!”

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