Science club – rafts

Science club have been working towards the Crest Award. In order to be successful, the children have the independently complete different challenges. This week the children completed the task ‘Crafty rafts’. We then tested them in water to see which raft held the most amount of counters before it sank.

Urenco Science Workshop

Today Year 5 had a very exciting morning. A scientist from Urenco came in school to carry out some practical investigations with the children. First, we worked together to separate pasta, salt and lentils. After this, we discussed what makes a good scientific observation and the children observed different powders. Read more…

Beach day!

Year 5 had a great day at St Annes beach today. It was glorious weather and the children had lots of fun in the sunshine. The Lancashire Wildlife Trust set up camp for us and carried out some fantastic beach school workshops learning about the wildlife that live in the coastal habitat and how to protect them. The children explored the sand dunes using nets and found lots of minibeasts were living there. We also explored the strandline searching for signs of life such as egg cases and shells. We also carried out some practical activities to learn about the tides and why there is so much life on the beach. The children decided that they didn’t like the litter on the beach and carried out their own litter pick to clean the beach up. There was also some time to play on the beach. Everyone enjoyed building sandcastles, flying kites and frisbees. There was some fantastic teamwork going on.


Great Science Share

This afternoon, Year 5 had a great time working on an egg drop challenge. The children were given the challenge of creating a parachute to a protect an egg. The children thought about which materials would be best to protect the egg. We then discussed which variables would need to Read more…