Rainforest vocabulary

This afternoon, Year 5 Pine had a fantastic time in Kaden’s garden. We imagined we were in the rainforest and thought about the creatures that might live there, the plant life and atmosphere. We then generated some vocabulary lists that we are going to use in our English writing this Read more…

Herbal remedies for the Black Death

This afternoon, Year 5 have independently researched some of the cures that medieval doctors used to cure the Black Death. We compared their methods to the work of doctors and scientists today and realised how much we have progressed! We then explored the properties of herbs and wrote some fantastic information Read more…

Random act of kindness day

Year 5 decided to collect animal food for Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary this week to celebrate ‘Random act of kindness day’. Thank you to everyone who has donated. Miss Steele will deliver them this weekend. There has been lots of kind things going on in the classroom this week!  

Hallé Music Workshop

This afternoon, Year 5 enjoyed working with two talented musicians from the Hallé Orchestra. First they learnt about the orchestra and what they do. They were then introduced to the piece of music that they will be performing at the Bridgewater Hall. The children discussed how the music makes them Read more…

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