Crater formation investigation

This afternoon, year 5 researched craters on Earth and on the Moon and compared how they were different. We then discovered how they were formed. We then designed and conducted an investigation to find out how to create the biggest craters. We thought about how to control variables to ensure Read more…

Fragrance workshop

As part of the Hallè orchestra project, year 5 were lucky enough to be involved in a fragrance workshop. Perfume creators from PZ Cussons came into class and we got to smell lots of new fragrances. We created our own imaginary planets based on the fragrances, played a fragrance guessing Read more…

Investigating multiples outside

We took our Power Maths lesson outside today! Using the number square on the playground, Year 5 answered lots of questions regarding multiples and sorted themselves into different groups. They used their reasoning skills to explain some true and false statements, using the number square to help with their explanations.

Cosmic Reading

Year 5 have enjoyed getting into our new book ‘Cosmic’ by Frank Cottrell Boyce. We have just read up to the part where Liam is on a flight to China with his friend Florida after winning a competition. We have made predictions about what we think will happen next and Read more…

Coding in Year 5

This afternoon, Year 5 worked hard to complete a coding challenge. We discussed what an algorithm is and created our own on 2code. We used our coding skills to design a under the sea scene and create moving parts.

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