Challenge 2

For challenge 2 we created two different videos.  For the first video we created step by step instructions on how to log onto a computer.  This is then going to be used to help reception and Year 1 children: Click the link below For the second video we have Read more…

Writing narrative maps

   Year 4 are enjoying reading our new text ‘The Incredible Book Eating Boy’ by Oliver Jeffers.  We read the text and clarified our understanding of new words such as ‘boke’ and ‘monumental’.  Then we explored the structure of the story by writing narrative maps.  A busy morning!

Year 4 Violin Concert

Wow what a fantastic violin concert! Year 4 made us very proud today performing the songs they have worked hard to learn this term in music.  Thank you to all the family and friends who came to watch making the performance extra special.  A big thank you to Mrs Carstenson Read more…

Christmas fun

  The last few days have been busy! We have had lots of fun making: party hats, window picture place mats and Christmas cards for home and for our link school friends.  We have found fun ways to learn spellings, done some Christmas themed maths and made marshmallow snow people.  We Read more…

Shared reading morning

This morning Year 4 and Year 1 Oaks had a shared reading morning. The children shared Christmas stories and reading books. They took turns to read to each other and discussed the story. Year 1 Oaks said that they really enjoyed themselves!  

Year 4 Mountains

        A selection of our mountain art, mountains were drawn to scale showing the differences between mountains around the world.  We are enjoying our Misty Mountains topic and have explored how mountains are formed, mapped and explored.  We are currently making 3D models in groups -watch out for these!

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