Chocolate creations!

As part of our topic we have been learning about changing state. This week we have used our design and technology skills to design and create chocolate creations. We had lots of fun adding exciting ingredients. We then created advertisements.

Macbeth Drama

Year 4 have been working hard in English, writing Macbeth’s diary recount. To help us plan our work, we enjoyed acting out the scenes after King Duncan’s death in class today. We have some amazing actors and actresses!

Investigating Bubbles!

This afternoon Year 4 enjoyed investigating the properties of bubbles. At the start of the lesson the children generated lots of scientific questions that they wanted to investigate. Some of these included: Are bubbles a solid, liquid or a gas? Why do bubbles burst? Can you hold a bubble? Why Read more…

Year 4 Shared Learning and Lunch

Year 4 invited their parents and carers into class to join in with a science experiment this morning. We all had a fantastic time investigating viscosity. First, we explored a range of different liquids and their properties. We then used our maths skills to measure accurately. After this, we planned Read more…

Eco week gardening

This week Year 4 have been learning all about looking after our world in Eco Week.  We have researched renewable energy sources in computing and have been gardening.  First we prepared the soil in our planter by digging and weeding.  Working together we also collected litter, sticks blown from the Read more…

Year 4 French

In French this week we recapped previous learning on colours and animals. We also talked about masculine and feminine nouns. We then created some fabulous work using nouns and adjectives in the correct form. We had fun at the end playing French stand up bingo.

How do we hear?

This week we have been learning all about the anatomy of the ear.  We explored making sounds and noticed how vibrations are caused when we make noises, for example banging a drum or tambourine.  We learnt how the vibrations cause sound waves and how this travels to our ears to Read more…

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