Investigating area

In Maths today, we’ve begun our new topic – area. The children have learnt that area means the amount of space that something covers. We investigated the area of different shapes using counters and explained why it is important to use the same size counter when measuring the area.

Our Roman Experience

Year 4 had an exciting opportunity yesterday when a visitor came from Touchstones to inspire us with our learning this half term. We had the chance to learn about the Romans from an expert. The children asked lots of fantastic questions and were very knowledgeable by the end of the Read more…

The Water Cycle

Maple have been learning all about the water cycle. We have learnt new words such as evaporation, condensation and precipitation. The children have been busy setting up an experiment to see the water cycle in action. Look at our photos to see how we did it. We have made predictions Read more…

Mountain Making

Maple have been busy designing and making their own mountain ranges. Excellent teamwork and a super effort to produce some amazing work. Ask the children at home if they know some of the mountain ranges of the world and which continents they are in!  

Hour of Code

This week it’s ‘Hour of Code’ week and Maple have been putting their coding skills into practice. We began by watching a video about coding – some children were surprised to learn that it isn’t just computers that have coded programmes but items such as washing machines, microwaves and cars Read more…

Maple’s Shared Learning Lunch

Maple enjoyed a very special lesson with their parents this morning. We began by finding out which continents of the world some famous mountain ranges were found in. The children and their parents then wrote some amazing descriptive sentences about mountains and their surroundings.

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