Year 5 had a fantastic day at St Annes beach yesterday. We had some time enjoying the beach and having fun. The children created mermaid art, built amazing sandcastles, played frisbee, played catching games and persevered with kite flying. We also had some time working with the Lancashire Wildlife Trust at Beach School. Here we learnt about how the beach is a habitat for lots of flora and fauna and how they work to protect the habitat. The children played games demonstrating how the tide works and how plastic pollution can affect the wildlife. We then split into groups and did mud-dipping and minibeast hunting. With minibeast hunting, the children used big nets to collect minibeast in the sand dunes and observed them with magnifying pots. We found grasshoppers, caterpillars, butterflies, spiders, slugs and many more! During mud-dipping, the children waded into the saline pools on the mud marshes. Using sieves, they found lots of exciting creatures. We found crabs, shrimp, sting ray eggs and baby fish. It was a fantastic day and everyone enjoyed an ice-lolly by the sea.



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