Year 6 have been set the challenge of creating poems and pieces of artwork, ready for the reopening of the Dippy exhibition.

Head of Schools for Rochdale, Gillian Barrat, gave the children the opening lines for three verses of a poem which would demonstrate that during lowdown and the pandemic, the natural world continued battling on. The poetry and artwork created aimed to project a message of the  natural beauty which surrounds us, and the challenges nature continues to face.

During the project, the children had the chance to attend a Zoom conference with Gillian, which she hosted from in front of Dippy! The children were able to ask questions about the project, as well as sharing their poems and discussing their artwork, which they had started the previous day.

It’s fair to say that the level of writing demonstrated in the pieces of poetry was outstanding, and as you can see below, the artwork under construction already looks incredible.


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