Over the last few weeks, Year 5 have been writing letters to Scrooge based on their their teacher’s modelled writing. This week, the children are using the writing techniques and grammar they have learnt during the modelled writing, to independently write persuasive letters to the Grinch. Their letters to the Grinch aim to convince him that Christmas is fantastic and to persuade him to go to the Whoville Christmas party.

To help the children create strong arguments to persuade the Grinch, last week they had a surprise visit from the Grinch himself! The children took turns to debate with the Grinch about why Christmas was good. It was a very difficult task to convince the Grinch, as he was very adamant he hated Christmas. He caused a lot of Chaos at St Luke’s including arguing with all the children, throwing English books on the floor when he saw what they were writing about, shaking all the baubles of Juniper’s tree, stealing Pine’s tree and stealing a candy cane from Juniper’s advent calendar.


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