This week we have been reading the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We started the week off by reading the story and talked about the different characters from the story. In our topic afternoon we talked about the different materials used to build the pig’s houses and discussed the properties of them. We predicted which materials would be the strongest when making our own houses.

We then decided to make our very own houses for the pigs using lolly pop sticks, play dough, plastic bricks, cardboard, and straws. We worked in teams of five with each table or carpet area using a different type of material.

We then tried to blow down the houses pretending to be the cheeky wolf. The straw houses fell down with the wolf’s puff but the other houses stayed strong. We then used a hairdryer to see if the powerful blow would blow down the other houses and it still was not strong enough. We hope The Three Little Pigs are safe inside their brick house and that cheeky wolf does not come back.



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