This week we have been celebrating Easter. We have had lots of fun and completed lots of different activities.

We have been decorating eggs, Easter baskets and colouring in egg notepads.

Reception have also been very busy making their own Easter cake and Easter nest. They used clay to make their nest and then they have all painted them. When they made their cake, everyone needed to melt chocolate and then mix cereal into it to make a very chocolately cake!

We have also been very lucky because we have had two Easter Egg Hunts. Yesterday, there were lots of plastic eggs hidden in our outdoor area. We all needed to collect as many as we could. There was also 6 golden eggs, they were worth 5 points!!

Today, the Easter Bunny left us all an Easter treat in Reception. In our outdoor area there was 60 bunnies hidden. We were all able to look for one each and take it home!

We hope you all have a lovely Easter! 🐣


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