At the start of this half-term, the school council were looking through the suggestions pupils had posted in the council’s suggestion box, and found one that asked if we could have somewhere sheltered outdoors so Forest School sessions could still take place even in really awful weather. The council members started to discuss this and spoke about how lots of other children in their classes had often been upset about the weather sometimes spoiling Forest school plans or having to shorten their session due to terrible weather. They decided that this would be one of their projects, and discussed what their steps would be. They decided rather than just ask Mrs Farrell if they could have one, they would support this by fundraising.
The council emailed Mrs Farrell to ask if this was possible, explaining why they thought it would be a great idea, not just for forest school but for many other uses. She thought it was a fantastic idea! They then began brainstorming fundraising ideas, choosing to begin with the Easter Raffle. They decided on the prizes, wrote a parentmail for Mrs Ellison to send out, made hampers, asked staff to choose the winners, delivered the prizes and worked out the profit they had made.

A huge thankyou to everyone who entered- you have helped the School Council to raise an amazing £545 towards an outdoor classroom, and congratulations to our winners!
The School Council will continue their fundraising in the Summer term.


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