Year 6 had the chance to have a first try of the new DigiSmart app. We have used DigiSmart for a couple of years at St. Luke’s, so the children were well-placed to look at the changes and what was new!

‘DigiSmart Comprehension: Protest & Power’ helps to build children and young people’s reading comprehension, their capacity to make sense of language and acquire a richer, deeper understanding of the written word.

Its 6 topics – Magna Carter, the Levellers, Peterloo, Votes for Women, Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion – are visually presented with distinctive design. As well as building comprehension skills, the topics also link to the curriculum, including the Year 6 unit, Civil Rights, which covers The Black Lives Matters Movement.

The children explained that the texts seemed more in-depth, interesting, relevant and helped with their topic work. They also said they were topics they liked to read about and were important to them, such as Black Lives Matter and Votes For Women.

They also discussed how it built on the skills learned through the texts and tasks on the original app, and look forward to working with the app again in the future.




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