To celebrate British Science Week this year, year 6 focused on ‘Communicate to Protect’. This focus this year across the country was time. We first looked at time. What is time? How do we measure time? What careers use time to enable them to be successful?

Then, the children were given this brief ‘It has been a very wet winter and the risk of damp and mould in houses is high. In this activity, you will create a campaign poster with a slogan, to advise the public on actions they can take to reduce their risk of exposure to mould, and any associated health effects.’ The class conducted lots of research and created fantastic posters with the information on.

Following on from their research on mould, the children then conducted an investigation: ‘How quickly does mould grow on different foods within a specific time limit of six days.’ The children observed the results over six days and drew observational drawings of each day.


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