Oaks and the whole of St Luke’s are so proud of Jacob’s behaviour on Tuesday evening.

Whilst Jacob was in the park with his brother he found a brand new iPhone that someone had lost. Jacob was really honest and kind and decided to bring the phone to school as he knew there would be an adult in after school club that could help. The staff in after school club managed to contact the lady who had lost the phone and she said that she had only had it for 1 week! The lady was so pleased that she gave Jacob a reward to share with his class.

We were so impressed with Jacob’s behaviour that he has become the first child in St Luke’s to achieve gold star status. We hope that everyone can learn from his example.


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Lynne Coxell ( chair of Governors) · 1st April 2019 at 4:15 pm

Well done Jacob, what a good role model you are. I bet the lady who lost her phone is very pleased with your honesty.

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