Year 1 Willows had such fun during their time at Forest School. With the forest school teachers, Miss Steele and Mr Tomkins, the children worked really hard to listen to instructions to keep themselves safe. 

We went to explore the forest and looked for some creatures1 We found snails, birds nests and a moth. Mr Tomkins made a spark in the fire pit so he could make a fire. He had some chopped wood to put in the fire to keep it going. 

We also made some really tasty popcorn using popcorn kernels in a pan on the fire and added honey and syrup. He shook the pot over the heat and they started to pop! YUM YUM YUM! 

Brody and Isla found a magic rock and Charlie and Lexi found a magic wand! Eden found a nest with a magic egg in it! We had lots of fun discovering lots of different things. 



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