This week was Arts Week and what an amazing week of learning we have had!


The artist we have learnt about was Vincent Van Gogh:

Where he was born – The Netherlands (meaning he was Dutch

What his job was – An artist / painter

3 of his famous paintings – Starry Night, Sunflowers and The Potato Eaters

We were amazed with how much the children remembered throughout the week but that wasn’t all….

Throughout the week we used a number of steps and methods to create our own Starry Night paintings.

First we used oil pastels to create swirls and twirls to look like the wind in the night sky; next we did a colour wash over the whole page to make the background; then we had a full day of colour mixing in different ways; following that we printed the stars by using colours we had mixed, painting them onto foil and printing onto our background and finally we used a stencil to create the tree.

The children’s favourite part was colour mixing; we started by guessing what colours we would make, we then put paints in plastic wallets and squished them together to see if our guesses were correct. We then had our own artist pallets and practised mixing the colours ourselves.

We created some amazing pieces of art but also learned so much and really impressed all of the adults, what clever children we are!






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