This week in Reception, we have been receiving challenges from the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny has left challenges in the outdoor area for us each day and we have been able to complete them.

Challenge 1- We had to find the Easter Bunny’s hiding place. All of our clues were kept in their.

Challenge 2- The Easter Bunny had left half of an egg for everyone. They all had different numbers of dots on them. We had to count the dots and then find the matching number in the outdoor area.

Challenge 3- The Easter Bunny’s had left us half an egg each. This time, the egg had a picture on it and we had to find the matching word.

Challenge 4- Today, the Easter Bunny had set up an Easter Egg Hunt in our outdoor area. There was lots of plastic eggs and we had to find as many as we could. We then put them in our bag and brought them inside to count. Abbie was the winner because she collected 12 eggs. Well done Abbie!

Challenge 5- our final challenge! The Easter Bunny couldn’t believe how good we were at the challenges. As a treat there’s had been 60 eggs hidden in our outdoor area. We worked out that we were all able to have 2 each.

Well done everyone you were all fantastic at completing the challenges! We hope you all have a lovely Easter!





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