In our P.E lesson today we have been experimenting different ways to pass our balls to our partners. Miss Longmire modelled rolling across a short space making sure she did not roll with too much power. The children set off rolling to and from their partner, after a few turns the children could create enough power to reach their partner on the other side. After the children had succeeded in rolling over a short space, Miss Longmire increased the distance they needed to roll in. The class realised if they rolled the ball softer it would not reach the other side. Increasing the power would ensure the ball reached the other side. Finally the group was split in to two rows and this time worked on throwing and catching. Miss Longmire and Miss Robinson modelled how to throw the ball to each other. The group practiced throwing and catching to each other and altered their throw to make sure their partner could catch it.


We have had lots of fun in our P.E lesson today and enjoyed throwing to our partners!


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