This half term we are learning all about fairy tales and the areas in the classroom have changed to make them all about fair tales. We started the week off exploring the areas, we have the castle area, the Three Little Pigs building site, Jack’s house, the porridge area, the puppet area and also lots of other areas.

This week we have been reading the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and have done lots of different activities about the story. We discussed the character in the story and thought about what questions we would ask the Giant. We also retold the story to our partners and discussed what came first, next and last.

In topic we have been learning about planting and what a seed needs to grow. We discussed the process of planting a seed and what we needed. We then planted our very own bean like from the story, we hope they grow into a beanstalk for us to climb up and that we don’t meet a Giant on the way.

We discussed what we would buy with the gold coins Jack had drew a picture of it. We then labelled our picture using Fred talking to help us. We hope the Giant does not come to St Luke’s because he is very scary!






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