We have been learning about ‘Pancake Day’ today. To celebrate pancake day we have taste tested different pancake toppings.

Firstly we tried a savoury pancake, which was cheese. We rolled it up and tasted it. 19 children thought it was yummy but 10 children didn’t like the cheese topping. We then tasted lemon and sugar on a pancake. 23 children enjoyed this one! Thirdly, we tasted a pancake with banana on. We found out that we don’t all like bananas in Reception because only 19 children enjoyed the banana pancake. Lastly, we tried strawberries on a pancake. 24 children loved this pancake! This meant that having strawberries on pancakes was the most popular topping in Reception.

We have all had fun trying different pancake toppings and we are looking forward to pancake day next year!



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