This week in Bluebells, we have been talking about how we can keep our bodies healthy to become even stronger superheroes. We have been discussing different fruit and vegetables and how many we should eat a day. To help us eat lots of different fruit we decided to make some super smoothies!

Before we made our smoothies, we thought we should taste test two different types to check to see which flavours we liked best. We tried a strawberry and banana smoothie and a mango and passion fruit smoothie. The strawberry and banana smoothie had 100 grapes in it! We all couldn’t believe it!

We have then been busy making our own smoothies. We had to cut up the fruit, measure out the orange juice and mix it all together. We carefully put it inside the blender and loved watching it blend together but it was a bit noisy!

Our smoothies were delicious and definitely suitable for all superheroes. We are very excited to write a recipe tomorrow, so that other superheroes can be as healthy as us!




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