In Year 6, we have been looking into the life of the famous scientist, Charles Darwin. We discussed how he studied living organisms around the world to compare and inspire his Theory of Evolution.


We discussed how we could investigate what lives in our school grounds. We decided that trapping insects and other small living organisms would be the easiest way as we could leave traps within the school grounds overnight in the most appropriate locations.


We built traps, placed them where we would expect to be an ideal habitat for small living organisms and then wrote excellent instructions using a range of BOOMTASTICs and an array of formal verb forms, such as ‘excavate’ rather than ‘dig’.

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Mrs Nuttall · 20th March 2019 at 2:51 pm

Year 6, did you find anything in your traps? Please let a member of the Eco Council know as we want to do a ‘Big Dig’ where we collect data from what we find in our soil around school. The data is going to be sent off to the scientists that have organised this and will analyse this, along side other school’s data. Thank you, Mrs N x

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