Fossil Facts

As part of our research into Darwin and his Theory of Evolution, Year 6 investigated what fossils are, where they are found, how they are formed and what types of fossils there are. We created information booklets using our 4 sentence paragraph strategy: statement, question, exclamation and command. The children Read more…

Stephen Lawrence Day

Inspired by the memory of Stephen Lawrence, Year 6 looked at the facts around an issue that has unfortunately become more prominent in recent months: the rise in knife crime.   We used Newsround’s investigations and animations to learn about the facts and figures around knife crime and hear recounts Read more…

Darwin’s Finches

Darwin is most famous for his ‘Theory of Evolution’ and how natural selection and evolution was evident during his studies of the finches of the Galapagos Islands. We looked at how we could study the differences between the beaks of each finch and how this has helped them to adapt Read more…

Darwin’s Journey

Charles Darwin may never have fully developed his Theory of Evolution if it wasn’t for his trip on the HMS Beagle. We looked at plotting locations on a map, writing their location using degrees of longitude and latitude, and using scales to calculate the distances Darwin travelled.  

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