This week, we have been learning about Chinese New Year. We have enjoyed learning about a different tradition and we have compared it to our own traditions. We have learnt lots of interesting facts about the Chinese New Year. Our favourite fact was that they set fireworks off at midnight. This is to scare away the evil spirits because they are scared of fire and loud noises. It was very interesting!

During the week, we have carried out lots of activities related to Chinese New Year. We have made dragon masks, dragon paper chains, Chinese lanterns and practised writing our numbers in Chinese.

Our favourite activity was working together to create a huge Chinese dragon in the playground. We all helped each other and once we were finished our Chinese dragons looked amazing!

Our finished Chinese dragons looked like this…

During the week, we also tasted some traditional Chinese food. We tried noodles, egg fried rice, spring rolls, prawn crackers and fortune cookies. They were all very yummy and we had a lot of clean plates after it!

We have all enjoyed learning about China and Chinese New Year and have learnt lots of new things!



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