As scientists, Year 6 know that they need to explore the world around them and investigate models to deepen their understanding. They did not expect, however, to be dissecting a lamb’s heart this week.

The children have impressed with the knowledge they have already gained in a short space of time and used this experience to test themselves and the knowledge they have gained.


After discussing how to carry out an effective dissection, the children decided that after determining the front, back and both sides of the heart, that they should locate the aorta and use that as a guide to work from when identifying other features of the heart.


The children were incredible in their application, discussions, sharing of knowledge and scientific work. They work systematically, slicing through the heart in stages and only moving forward with the dissection after they were happy with what they had discussed and identified.

To gain a better understanding, the children looked at how they could pour water (mixed with food colouring) through different arteries and veins to locate the chambers and vessels that are linked to each other. They also used their fingers to follow the path through the heart the blood would take and to see how strong the tissues have to be to withstand the constant beating of the heart and pumping of blood.

The staff in Year 6 (even though two of them were very squeamish) were extremely impressed with the children’s work.

Check out the pictures below (if you can stomach it):




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