In Year 6,we have had the opportunity to work with author Yvonne Weatherhead on her Starfly book series.


Some of the children have spent a number of 3-4 day sessions studying the book, its characters, themes and images. As well as this, the children have been afforded the opportunity to edit chapters of the book, having their name published in the book to acknowledge their work.


This week, the children focused on ‘The Red Fox’ title from the Starfly series.

They had the opportunity to take the book home, delve deeply into the story, create and edit images and study the animal inspiration  behind one of the characters…the Red Fox.

The children worked extremely hard and even produced their own Spring Watch programme to the rest of Year 6. They were interactive and informative presentations that involved audience participation from both staff and children, and displayed the vast knowledge they had gained in just a few short days.

The children would like to thank Mrs Weatherhead for her fantastic workshops and a great 3 mornings. They look forward to more in the future.


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